Sunday, September 15, 2013

Magic mirror

In your thoughts
Hanging questions
Confronts the decay
The images
that left behind.

The fading light
Pass like razor sharp line
Those empty moments
Eventually we face
Bleeding, crying.

Grey sultry evening
Spilling dry leaves
Deeply felt
Shadows hang from above
Never tell the truth.

Music in silence
The fragrances come back
Charcoal sky whispers
Hidden blood stains
Connect broken glass.

Log in

Log in

The whistling sound
Echoes in the rock wall
The battered moon
Begging for scraps
In the still of the night.

Return to reality
Explain the strange
Vermillion stained sunset
Clouds streak across the sky
Dreams share many moods.

Mothers killed for food

The shivering memories

Every note that played
The leaves tapping fingers
Sighing for love.

Of war and peace
Loop in your mind
In rain and wet grass
Logged in music
Cruising past moments.

Torn white papers
Rusty iron railings
The dirt accumulates
Past images cut through
The morning skyline.