Sunday, October 10, 2010

Take a Risk Today

One of my friends always insists me to invest money in equity
market and see the result. I always counter him saying ‘it’s too

risky’. His point is very clear, ‘See, Taking risk is nothing but
accepting a challenge. If you are not willing to take risk, you are
as good as dead.’

Here equity market is not the issue but his point on risk is worth
listening. To win without risk is triumph without glory. If you don’t
risk anything, you risk even more of being idle and become

Allow optimism to take root in your every action and it will surely
inspire you to take risk. Focus on a big picture, take it as an
experiment and you feel more energized to do things in a better

Risk is the first friend of the oilmen. Take the case of any exploration activity. Every country scrambles for new energy resources nowadays. In oil business,
punching a hole in land or sea bottom carries an enormous
amount of risk because it entails huge amount of money. But
that does not discourage the oil companies to stop exploration

Here we are taking risk based on the scientific study and also we
have a larger goal of achieving energy security of the country in
general and mankind in particular. Taking a risk and ultimately
even it fail, in this case, will enable you to acknowledge
failure and learn and develop yourself for the future endeavor.

We maintain risk and reward policy in the industry which is a
symbiotic system of dependencies. If one element functions
properly, other element will give you the desired results.

The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all (Nehru

once told)) or Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks.
Comfortable inaction (John Kennedy observed) does not lead to

Life is at risk- We heard it so often and it’s almost cliché but it
is true. Our life improves when we take chances. What you risk
reveals what you value and something you care about. After
taking risk, if you succeed it will calm your soul, lift your spirit,
make your heart rejoicing and keep you going.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.
Come out of your comfort zone and act yourself and reap the
harvest even it is not for you but for the mankind as a whole.
Invisible feeling of risk can transform into visible deeds and

As they say, Take calculated risk without being rash. In the
name of risk, you should not be turn out to be a gambler. But
then, how far we should go and take risk. Is risk is another name
of optimism?

People often say- Optimism means having faith that things will
turn out well in a given situation—and often, they do. But even
when they don’t, a positive energy leads us to find the gifts that
are hidden in any difficult challenge.

The Universe will reward you if you take risks on its behalf. Take
risk as a challenge, as an experiment which is a winning effort
even it pans out or not. Then only, you can show light to others
for progress to prosperity. But who will summon courage and
take the risk telling the truth? Perhaps, each one of us will.
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