Saturday, September 11, 2010


To sit on the balcony and cry
To give a shout on the cell
To whom it may concern.

Soft rays of crumbling sun
Creepers moves as if a hand
Posing a question of why
Cash in the metaphors of windy evening.

Will time be standstill for ever?
A stream so narrow so weak
Will she raises her voices?

To feel the passing of cold night
To count the distant stars
As it always has the twist.

Once more the sound of dry leaves
A world as mystic in its silence
It calls no one in the diffused light.

A strong haunting reminder
Put off doing for awhile
Start something afresh.

Lowering glance of the skyline
All that is left over the years
Come in full circle, meet the destiny.

Gopal Lahiri

Crumbling Sun, Haunting Reminder, Full Circle, Destiny

This poem reflects the fear to move out, to bring solace, to put up resistance while a sense of escape grips mind and thought process and even walk in the park cannot divert the attention.
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