Sunday, September 5, 2010

Walk the talk

Let us walk the talk
Blazing sun across the wide space
Clouds clog at the river end

How much of the life really worth
Drafts written, documents torn
Iron-fisted philosophy abuzz
Scorn the human face
Let him cry, let her beg
Memory pile up
Strategies blurs in soft focus
Do your efforts make a difference?

When war raises its ugly head
It demands a response
Defiance and trepidation
Embracing vagueness
Clapping eyes closed
Will it be of any use?
Should we wait for the wisdom of words?
Would we really want in the first place?

Let us have a hard talk- Face to face
Walk on the grass, won’t get you there
All of us are equal after the final bell.

Gopal Lahiri
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